COE 211: Computer Programming

LAU, Spring 2023


Lecture slides and Java files will be posted here as time progresses by Dr. Wissam Fawaz.

Date Topic Solution Keys Java Files
January 17 Overview, goals, logistics (ppt)
January 19 Program Development (ppt)
Chapter 1
  First Set
January 24 Object Oriented Programming and Character Strings (ppt)
Chapter 2
  Second Set
"Chapter 1"
"Chapter 2"
January 26 Variables, Assignments and Primitive Date Types (ppt) "Chapter 1" Solutions
"Chapter 2" Solutions
Third Set
January 31 Arithmetic Expressions and Data Conversion (ppt)    
February 02 Scanner class, Creating Objects and Packages (ppt)
Chapter 3
February 07 String, Random, and Math (ppt) "Chapter 3" Solutions "Chapter 3"
February 09 Holiday: St. Maroun    
February 14 Random and Math classes    
February 16 DecimalFormat and Wrapper Classes (ppt)
Feb 17th is last day of early withdrawal
February 21 Writing Classes(ppt)
Chapter 4
"Chapter 4" Solutions "Chapter 4"
February 23 Writing Classes (Continued) Exam I Resources  
February 28 Writing Classes (Continued) "Chapters 5&6" Solutions "Chapters 5&6"
March 02 Conditional Statements (ppt)
Chapters 5&6
March 07 Repetition Statements (ppt)    
March 09 Repetition Statements (Continued)    
March 14 Exam I    
March 16 Repetition Statements (Continued)    
March 21 Iterators and Writing Data to a File (ppt)
Chapters 5&10
Exam II Resources  
March 23 Static class members and class relationships (ppt)
Chapter 7
"Chapter 7" Solutions "Chapter 7"
March 28 Interfaces and Method Design (ppt)    
March 30 Method Design (Continued)    
April 04 Declaring and Using Arrays (ppt)
Chapter 8
"Chapter 8" Solutions "Chapter 8"
April 06 Declaring and Using Arrays (Continued)    
April 11 Two dimensional arrays (ppt)    
April 13 ArrayLists, Searching and Sorting (ppt)    
April 18 Exam II    
April 20 Inheritance (ppt)
Chapter 9
April 25 Inheritance (Continued)