COE 312: Data Structures

LAU, Fall 2022


Lecture slides and Java files will be posted here as time progresses by Dr. Wissam Fawaz.

Date Topic Solution Keys Java Files
September 01 Overview, goals, and logistics (Syllabus)   First Set
September 06 Inheritance (ppt)   Second Set
September 08 Inheritance (Continued)   Third Set
September 13 Polymorphism (ppt) Book Solutions Fourth Set
September 15 Polymorphism/Inheritance Case Studies:
Inner/Timer Class (ppt)
Design Patterns (ppt)
  Fifth Set
September 20 Exceptions (ppt)   Sixth Set
September 22 Exceptions (Continued)   Seventh Set
September 27 Exceptions Case Study:
Text and Binary File Management
  8th Set
September 29 Exceptions Case Study (ppt):
Downloading Files and
Consuming Web Services
  9th Set
October 04 Exception Case Study:
Consuming Web Services
  10th Set
October 06 Java Built-in Collection Classes (ppt)    
October 11 Java Built-in Collection Classes (Continued)    
October 13 Java Built-in Collection Classes: Case Study    
October 18 Java Built-in Collection Classes: Case Study (Continued)    
October 20 Recursion (ppt)    
October 25 Recursion (Continued) Midterm (Fall 2015)
Midterm (Fall 2016)
Midterm (Fall 2017)
Midterm (Fall 2018)
October 27 Exam I    
November 01 Recursion (Continued) Useful Formulas  
November 03 Algorithm Analysis (ppt)    
November 08 Algorithm Analysis (Continued) (ppt)    
November 10 Stack ADT (ppt)    
November 15 Queue ADT (ppt)    
November 17 Singly Linked List (ppt)    
November 22 Doubly Linked List (ppt) Exam II (Fall 2014)
Exam II (Fall 2016)
Exam II Problems
November 24 Doubly Linked List (Iterator and Case Studies)    
November 29 Exam II    
December 01 Binary Trees (Introduction) (ppt)    
December 06 Binary Trees (Case Studies) (ppt)    
December 08 Binary Search Trees (ppt)